8 Items To Stock In Your Gifting Closet


So you’ve learned to tie the perfect bow (via blog post #1), now what?


Lesson #2 in our ABC’s of gifting: How to stock your gifting closet!


Before we begin, let’s address the first question perhaps on your mind – why even have a gift closet in the first place?!?!?!?


A: Because when someone you love suddenly does something amazing, you can celebrate, instantly!


Think: recent engagement? new promotion? passed an entrance exam?


…life can have its unexpected celebrations, and amidst these celebrations the LAST thing you want to do is run around town looking for a gift! A gifting closet ensures these events can be enjoyed without distraction!


Did we convince you? Want to start stocking your gifting closet? Below we outlined 8 items that will cover quite a few impromptu gifting needs!!!


#1 Sofia Coppola Champagne


Price: $16

For: to celebrate engagement news, to bring to a dinner party, to bring your girlfriend that just got a promotion, got into med school, etc., etc.


#2 Bling Wipes


Price: $13

For: engagement news (especially co-worker engagement news) – bring these to work so that when a co-worker gets engaged you can place these on her desk with a hand written congratulations note, on the day she breaks the news!


#3 Some Sort of High-End or Unique Stationery


Our Choice: Benneton Graveur

Price: $80

For: impromptu overnight stays where you need a last minute hostess gift, impromptu birthday news


#4 A Reasonably Priced Bottle of Olive Oil


Our Choice: Castillo De Canena

Price: $22

For: to bring to a casual dinner party when you are unsure if the host/hostess drinks


#5 A High-End Bottle of Olive Oil


Our Choice: Manni Oil

Price: $80

For: to bring to a dinner party when you are unsure of if the host/hostess drinks (and the dinner party is more of an elaborate affair)


#6 A High-End Bottle of Red


Our Choice: Wenzlau Pinot Noir

Price: $60

For: to bring to a dinner party (when the dinner party is an elaborate affair)

Some Backstory On This Choice: out of all the red wines out there, we chose this bottle because it’s the house wine served at Gramercy Tavern. it’s become our “signature” gifting wine since it ties back to our namesake (gramercy gift guide) =). If you can think of a cute story behind your favorite bottle of wine (i.e. maybe you studied abroad in argentina and met the owner of a particular vineyard…), do so! it always makes for a better hostess gift when a story comes along with the bottle of wine!


#7 Vueve Cliquot

Price: $45

For: to celebrate engagement news, to bring to your male friend that just got a promotion, passed the bar, etc. etc.

Some Backstory On This Choice: we know there are a ton of champagnes out there, and many are probably better than this bottle. however, vueve cliquot’s amazing marketing efforts have made this a fool-proof selection.


#8 A Potted Phalaenopsis (using a champagne bucket as a base)

Price: $50-150

For: everything! a potted phalaenopsis makes a great thank you, hostess, get-well-soon, birthday…you-name-it-gift!

Some Backstory On This Choice: have you ever noticed that whenever you walk into a Ralph Lauren store, all the orchids within the store are potted in crystal ice buckets! This was the inspiration behind this idea! we love phalaenopsis orchids in crystal ice bases for a couple reasons 1) crystal is clear (so it goes in so many homes) 2) it’s a REALLY nice gift – the recipient gets a beautiful ice bucket after the orchid lives out it’s life! full disclosure, we buy our crystal ice buckets on ebay – you can too! we then take our ice buckets to the local florist and have them professionally pot the orchid!

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