From: The Boss To: The Team

We have a lot of #bosslady (and #bossmen!) followers out there, so we are kicking off our holiday blog posts with this gifter/giftee relationship!!!!  

Below are gift ideas perfect for your team,  gift ideas that exude professionalism, polish, and thoughtfulness!  Hope these ideas help you out! 


“Happy Hour On Me”

Pair a gift card from your office’s local watering hole with a drink-related ornament. Leave on his/her desk.

Individualized candles based on where each team member is from

Homesick candles ($30) come in state and city-specific varieties.  If your team is geographically diverse, this group gift is sure to be a thoughtful hit!

“Coffee Break On Me”

A $20 Starbucks card packs in a lot of bang for buck!  However, don’t just gift the card solo, package it with one of these cute Louis Sherry Tins ($8.50) so the presentation is elevated.  Nothing pairs better with coffee than chocolate and these tins make for great paperclip desk organizers.

The Classic Gift – A nice bottle of champagne

A bottle of Vueve is fool proof classic gift.  While there are probably better champagnes out there, the marketing efforts of this company have really distinguished it to be universally liked and appreciated!

Personalized Leather Manilla Envelope

Graf Lantz has reinvented the classic manilla folder and the result is highly gift-worthy!  When checking out from be sure you opted to monogram your direct-report’s initials onto the leather folder!

Cool Restaurant Gift Card

A good meal is always appreciated, especially if your direct report is a foodie and/or has mentioned a specific restaurant they have been dying to try.  If you are a NY boss, we have validated that all the classic NY restaurants above DO in fact sell gift cards on site.  If you can’t think of a specific restaurant your direct-report would like, we suggest buying a gift card to the Union Square Hospitality Group since the card is applicable at over 15 restaurants.





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