From: Sister To: Sister

Believe it or not there have been books written on gifting and what relationships gift best!  Statistically, the from sister to sister gift is supposed to be the most “frictionless” … meaning this gifting combination usually derives the most gifting value…sisters tend to REALLY like the gifts given to them by their sister.

Therefore, before reading our blog post, stop.  Think for a moment or two about what your sister has recently been excited about, or recently said they wanted?  Most likely the idea you have in mind will be better than our ideas below!  

If you are still stumped, we permit you to read our post below =)



sisters first.png
Sister First ($17) has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with the unique bond between sisters.  Guaranteed to make you and your sister cry.
Is your sister going through a tough time?  Breakup? New job? Health Concerns? My intent bracelets ($20) are a great way to channel positive energy.  Pick an inspiring word for her to wear (and look at) daily.  It’s sort of like an inspirational tattoo without the pain, money or potential regret! Oh, and a lot of celebrities are wearing them!
“Give the girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe <– take a hint from Marilyn and gift your sister sneakers (or any shoe for that matter) that will help her conquer the world. Shown above are some of our favorites, Koio collective leather sneakers ($248).
The combination of stripes + monogram makes this the perfect gift for the girl with classic taste.  Order at ($140).  Warning: this item does not arrive gift wrapped, so be prepared to gift wrap yourself!
Give her a gift that has both style and heart.  Cesta baskets ($375) are handwoven in Rwanda using sustainable local sisal and then assembled in New York using Italian leather, organic natural-colored cotton canvas lining, and hand tooled 18k gold plated brass hardware.  Cesta strives to create an economy in the developing world and promote female empowerment.

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