Personalized Gifts to Order NOW

For anyone who has moved in the last year

This address embosser from is only $30 and comes with free shipping!  Gifting this to anyone that has recently moved, will be seen as such a thoughtful gesture! Warning:  this item does not arrive gift wrapped, so be prepared to gift wrap yourself!

For the classic girl

The combination of stripes + monogram makes this the perfect gift for the girl with classic taste.  Order at ($140).  Warning: this item does not arrive gift wrapped, so be prepared to gift wrap yourself!


For the guy that has everything

At first glance, these might look like your average monogramed sock… but, look again!  The monogram is actually woven into the body of the sock rather than embroidered. This is extremely rare and totally cool!  
If we haven’t sold you yet, we should also mention Corgi has been around since 1892 and has a Royal Warrant  (meaning they supply to the Royal family!). 
Please be mindful of the large lead time on this item as they ship from Wales!

For when you are staying as a holiday house guest for the week

Apolis-Bag allows you to custom create market bags ($68 each) and has a fast turn-around time (approximately 10 days).  Why not create a market bag specific to your host/hostess and load it with their favorite things!

For the sentimentalist

Commission a sketch of someone’s childhood home.  There are a variety of artists that will do this!  We recommend sleuthing around on instagram until you find your preferred aesthetic!  The above drawing is done by Albert Kiefer who’s work starts at $85.

For when you want to give a little more than just cash

Anya Hindmarch bespoke card cases ($245) allow you to imprint a personal message (in your own handwriting). This way, the recipient will always be mindful of what you write (and you) whenever they are using the item! Gift this item with money or alone.

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