Gifts For The Boss

Whether they are a vice-president of something, or aspire to be a vice-president of something, the Vice Wine (from $25) is a cute gift to give! It will subtly stroke their ego and be seen as quite clever. If they are already higher than a vice-president…opt for a different gift on the guide.
WMS&Co. sells witty pre-made stamps with sayings such as “Bullshit” “Hell Yeah” “I can’t even” and “Love this”.  Find the saying that perfectly embodies your boss!  You can even custom create your own stamp if you don’t like the selections provided.  Stamps start at $33.
Does your boss have a celebrity obsession of some sort?  If so, enter them to win an outing with their favorite celebrity via Omaze!  Raffle tickets start at $25.  All proceeds go to charity!
Such a well appointed gift ($150) curated by true wine aficionados:  The Bounty Hunters.  Best to gift this if you are shipping directly to your boss’ home since the presentation/arrival is so great!
Is he/she a war buff?  Why not track down a war memento?
Is he/she obsessed with a certain city?  Why not track down an early map of that city?
Is he/she a politico?  Why not track down a vintage campaign button?
Is he/she a literati?  Why not track down an early edition of his favorite book?
All these mementos will look great in his office, and will remind him of you! Great sites are listed below! 
Old Prints
Vintage Posters
Old Campaign Buttons
Old Campaign Buttons


For the boss who has everything. This high-end Tiffany & Co. interoffice envelope ($550) she most likely won’t have! Gift this for a nod to work, style, and quirkiness at the same time.
Game over!  If your boss is a cornhole fan you just won best-gifter with this one!  Purchase here for $64.
At first glance, these might look like your average monogramed sock… but, look again!  The monogram is actually woven into the body of the sock rather than embroidered. This is extremely rare and totally cool!  
If we haven’t sold you yet, we should also mention Corgi has been around since 1892 and has a Royal Warrant  (meaning they supply to the Royal family!). 
Please be mindful of the large lead time on this item as they ship from Wales!
graf lantz beige.jpg
Graf Lantz has reinvented the classic manilla folder and the result is highly gift-worthy!  When checking out from be sure you opted to monogram your direct-report’s initials onto the leather folder!

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