Gifts to send your friend overseas

When this gift guide request came in, we were so excited…what an unexpected gifter/giftee scenario! 

But then we got to thinking, this scenario probably hits home for many!

Many of you probably have friends permanently or temporarily living abroad, and sending a holiday gift is a nice way to stay connected! 

Below you will find gift ideas that don’t weigh a lot (i.e. inexpensive shipping cost!!!) or that are very Americana. Both attributes make for great gifts to send overseas!  

Light Weight Gifts That Ship Well!

We know this might not look like a gift (but rather, just a card) … but sometimes the best gift is just a beautifully written note.  Bernard Maisner holiday cards truly stand out from the rest because they are physically oversized and gorgeous!  Cards like these are guaranteed to be kept in their keepsake box for years to come!
Hermès twilly is light-as-a-feather, comes in a very compact box (shown above), and packs in a lot of gifting punch!  For your fashionista friend abroad, this is the perfect gift!
WMS&Co. sells witty pre-made stamps with sayings such as “Bullshit” “Hell Yeah” “I can’t even” and “Love this”.  Find the saying that perfectly embodies your friend!  You can even custom create your own stamp if you don’t like the selections provided.  Stamps start at $33.
Does your giftee have an instagram, pinterest, or facebook account?  If so, you can custom create a wrapping paper ($20) using their feed!  It’s super easy using!  If your recipient lives in the UK, you might want to try since shipping within the UK is free!


Benson and Clegg blazer badges (starting at $27) can adorn many things above and beyond blazers!  With a variety of universities, sports, and organizations to choose from, you might find a badge that suites your friend’s interests!


Give a gift that keeps on giving…literally! Custom create letterpress gift tags for your friend!  Hautepapier has dozens of designs and shapes to choose from, and a turn-around time of 10-14 business days!  Tags start at $58.


Americana Brands and Items 

We asked around, and the verdict is … no one does hot sauce like the Americas!  Therefore, you might want to send your friend this hot sauce crate ($64) from Food 52.
Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts might be a lame gift for an American to receive, but it actually might be “exotic” to those who can’t access it! What we are getting at is, the point of this gift idea is not necessarily to gift Dunkin’ Donuts, but to think up some coffee shop your giftee cannot access!  Send them coffee from that shop!
Believe it or not, Lilly Pulitzer is one of the few American fashion brands that doesn’t ship abroad!  With adorable packaging and so many price points to choose from, stop by their Madison Avenue boutique and pick something up for your friend to then ship abroad! 
Smathers and Branson actually does ship internationally, however, even though your friend abroad could perhaps order this himself/herself, the highly Americana aesthetic will remind them of you! 

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