Gifts For A Budding Relationship

So you just started dating someone, and then the holidays roll around, and you are starting to freak out a little!  What do you get that doesn’t send the wrong message!?!?!  And, how much do you spend?!?!?

Our suggested solution:

Get a tower of 3-5 small and thoughtful gifts!  This way, the recipient won’t benchmark to one specific thing and overly analyze it’s meaning.   

Sound good?  Here’s a list of thoughtful gifts to add to your tower.

  • Do you guys enjoy a certain sport together?  Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Skiing, Running?  Why not buy him/her a new pair of shoes or outfit for the sport you enjoy together! 


  • Did you know you can inscribe a message on Rayban sunglasses for free?  Why not inscribe an inside joke on a new pair of shades for him/her. 


  • Experiences are always a great idea.  Here is a list of some cool experience sites.

Food Tours

Last Minute Event Tickets

Random Experiences

Dream Experiences

Cooking Classes

  • Does he/she have a certain hobby or enjoy traveling to a certain place?  Buy a coffee table book that covers this topic!


  • Baseball hats are always a cute idea.  Pick your favorite team, his/her favorite team, your college, his/her college?  Just pick a hat that will symbolically make sense based off of conversations that you guys have had!






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