Hanukkah Hostess Gifts

Something Blue

Coincidence or not, Scully and Scully wrapping paper matches the Hanukkah blue Pantone perfectly! Pick out anything from Scully and Scully and you will have a festive gift! 


Something For the Kids

This adorable advent-like calendar from Pottery Barn Kids ($50) will make future Hanukkah’s more fun!  The calendar is available with or without personalization. 

Something Sweet

A cute take on the traditional black and white cookie!  The cookies above are from Green’s in Brooklyn. However, they are available at Zabar’s.          . 

Something Useful 

If your Hanukkah party is toward the back-end of the holiday, you still have time to order these adorable, customizable place cards from Mr. P.

Something Special


Challah shaped to be a centerpiece from Bread’s Bakery!



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