Ridiculous White Elephant Gifts For Your Office Party

Imagine biting into a red jelly bean and tasting black liquorice.  Imagine 15 jelly beans mistakenly stuck together.  Yes, a whole bag of messed up jellybeans could be yours for only $14.95 and shipped next day through Amazon
WMS&Co. sells witty pre-made stamps with sayings such as “Bullshit” “Hell Yeah” “I can’t even” and “Love this”.  Find the saying that perfectly embodies your office culture!  You can even custom create your own stamp if you don’t like the selections provided.  Stamps start at $33.
Why not create leggings with your boss’ face on them?  Create at Shelfies for $70.
Sorry, we can’t help ourselves.  These earrings are pretty good too!  Custom create on Etsy ($13).
This gift was pretty much made to give during an office white elephant party! Order on Amazon ($60).
A card game perfect for millennial co-workers. Order at UncommonGoods for $20.

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