Small Gifts For your Gal Pals

Sometimes the best gift is just a nice note!  Willa Heart cards are very feminine and gal pal worthy!
If you haven’t discovered A Thing Created yet, you are about to have a lot of fun!  This Etsy shop sells a ton of really fun giftables for your gal pals.  Our favorite pick is above!  For $23 you can custom create a stationery set that looks and dresses like your friend!


My intent bracelets ($20) are a great way to send a gift for Christmas and the New Year.  Pick a word that embodies her New Year’s resolution so she can wear it (and look at it) daily.  My Intent bracelets are sort of like an inspirational tattoo without the pain, money or potential regret! Oh, and a lot of celebrities are wearing them!
For $15 you can custom create a beautiful photo book for your friend at Artifact Uprising.
Does your giftee have an instagram, pinterest, or facebook account?  If so, you can custom create a wrapping paper ($20) using their feed!  It’s super easy using!
phone covers_feminine
Phone covers are always a fun and inexpensive idea.  Here are a few fun places to shop: Society 6Smathers and BransonThe Pink Pagoda
Gone are the days where flower delivery services cost you an arm and a leg!  This festive bouquet above, can be sent to your friend for $35 using Urban Stems.  Shipping is also free!

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