Gifts For Your Father-In-Law

For the History Buff

birthday book
This book is a fool-proof gift for anyone!  It aggregates The New York Times covers each year of the giftee’s birthday.  Custom order your giftee’s birthday at Uncommon Goods for $100.

For the Wino

Each quarter a Vine Box will arrive with 9 different glasses of wine sealed in airtight viles.  Give the gift of an at-home wine tasting each quarter!

For the Early Adopter

Earbuds that will translate your live conversation into 15 different languages!!!!!  Waverly Lab’s pilot earbuds are $179.  Gift these to the father-in-law that loves being on the forefront of the latest tech advancement!

For the Sentimentalist

Is he a war buff?  Why not track down a war memento?
Is he obsessed with a certain city?  Why not track down an early map of that city?
Is he a politico?  Why not track down a vintage campaign button?
Is he a literati?  Why not track down an early edition of his favorite book?
Great sites to find sentimental keepsakes keepsakes are listed below! 
Old Prints
Vintage Posters
Old Campaign Buttons
Old Campaign Buttons

For Any Type of Father-In-Law ($)

Who doesn’t love learning more about themselves? Only gift this if he hasn’t taken the test before! Order on Amazon ($69).

For Any Type of Father-In-Law ($$)

This idea has already appeared a couple places within on our gift guides, but none the less, it also makes for a great gift for your Father-in-law!  With hundreds of topics to choose from and impeccable gift wrapping, an Assouline book is a solid choice.  Pick a topic close to his heart. also offers free shipping and free gift wrap on orders over $100!

For Any Type of Father-In-Law ($$$$)


We are convinced there is something magical about the Loro Piana roadster half-zip cashmere sweater….it looks good on EVERYONE! 
With it’s price, it should be no surprise that it truly is a special piece that will be in his wardrobe for the rest of his life if he keeps it away from moths!






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