Gifts to bring your boyfriend’s family



Louis Sherry 12-piece truffle tins ($40) come in a beautiful tin box making for an extra sweet hostess gift!

Believe it or not, this nut bowl is only $50.  Tiffany & Co. home section is our go-to-secret whenever we want to gift something elevated without breaking the bank. There are dozens of other home goods to choose from under $100.  Order online or stop by the flagship on 57th and Fifth! always offers free gift wrap and shipping!

Are you from the NY area?  Why not send a taste of your hometown via a Blue Hill Farm crate?
Are you from Tennessee?  Why not send a taste of your hometown via a Blackberry Farm crate?
Are you from the Bay area?  Why not send a taste of your hometown via a French Laundry food gift? 
Are you from Cincinnati?  Why not send a taste of your hometown via a Graeter’s Ice Cream crate? 
You get the idea!  Send your boyfriend’s family a crate from a restaurant/farm you grew up enjoying! If you are flying directly from your hometown, perhaps just bring some of the local goodies with you!  


This idea has already appeared in a couple of places within on our gift guides, but none-the-less, it also makes for a great gift for your boyfriend’s parents!  With hundreds of topics to choose from and impeccable gift wrapping, an Assouline book is a solid choice.  Pick a topic close to the families heart. also offers free shipping and free gift wrap on orders over $100!


There are a ton of candle options out there, but the packaging and story behind Trudon candles is particularly special, making for a particularly elegant gift for your boyfriend’s parents! (Go on their website to read all about the brand!)  Purchase their signature candle for $95 and Trudon will wrap it as pictured above.  If you live in NY swing by their Soho location.  If you don’t live in NY, order online!
A totally unique and beautiful gift that will definitely stand out!  White is also the perfect color choice this time of year!  High Camp Supply Gardenias start at $149.


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