Entry Price Points at Luxury Retailers

For better or worse, some people benchmark to the box.  So, this guide goes out to them! 

Below we outline our favorite entry level gifts that come in that coveted blue, orange, red, black, or purple box!   



How fun are these?  Believe it or not, Hermes makes paper placemats!  ($140 for a set of 36)


A set of cards for the fashionista in your life.


Twilly’s are a great gift for just about anyone.  These small scarves can be affixed to a ponytail or handbag, or worn around the neck!  Best part?  There are dozens and dozens to cool patterns to choose from! 


People often forget that Hermes has an assortment of fashion jewelry.  From enamel to resin to leather…you can find a timeless piece of fashion jewelry between $350 – $1,000. 



tiffany tag chain
Pro tip: when you write something sweet on this $200 Tiffany Tag Chain bracelet, it becomes just as valuable as the $100K+ jewelry items in the store ツ. 


We will forever be a fan of this $50 nut bowl.  It packs in so much gifting punch per dollar! 


T-smile is hands down one of our favorite gifts of all time!  Who wouldn’t love to wear a smile?  


Gift a timeless classic for $250.




This timeless bandeau looks good on just about anything or anyone. 



Another iconic Chanel scarf that will withstand the test of time and look good on anyone. 



Something every woman can work into her wardrobe. 


Yes, $1,100 is very expensive, but this fashion jewelry classic will be worn forever!



Believe it or not, Cartier makes luxury pens that are actually a bit less expensive than luxury pen competitors!


Classic cufflinks for brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers and father-in-laws!


Yes, $2,230 is a VERY expensive gift but compared to some of the other price points in the Cartier assortment, we believe this one packs in a bit more value for dollar…it’s absolutely beautiful (and quite substantial looking) when on!


Cartier’s entry-price-point watch!  If it’s in your budget, what a beautiful and timeless gift! 



image (2).jpeg
Who knew Asprey has price points in the $20 range?  Best part? This beautiful soap will arrive in their exquisite purple packaging! 



image (3).jpeg
This decorative tray might look like one sold at Hermes, but it’s actually a bit less! 



image (4).jpeg
A classic and modern looking money clip.


asprey dice
A whimsical desk accessory for the person who has everything.

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